Our mission is to help our clients achieve extraordinary results through creativity.

Social media provides excellent opportunities for innovated web-marketing today. We have decided to utilize this opportunity and offer our customers with our new products literary substituting conventional adverts with our creativity, unique tools and tailored methods of social media communication.


Market research is the key element of our services. Our team provides analysis based on precise and complex data that our data management system has integrated into meaningful sizing models and future value forecasts universally for thousands of sectors worldwide.

We are able to tell exactly if the market is growing or declining, where is it heading to, what consumer moods require special attention, how the priorities shall be defined or redefined. Our market research does not provide the situation as a picture but rather a video thus depicting the situation more vividly and dynamically that ordinary statical reports do.


World has gone digital that created need for adjustment to its needs and speedy developments of the global markets. Digital market requires advanced methods of intelligence that are also digital. With special effort we have developed respective methodology based on our holistic approach. We have redefined the key elements in order to ensure more accurate depiction of current dynamics of the market. With this vision and attitude we have managed to introduce market data monitoring system that permitted the delivery of much more precise and advanced understanding of existing or prospective consumers. This system functions with the digital market intelligence software providing excellent bases for further market research and market analysis.


Our market analysis is multidimensional. We believe that 360 degree analysis is not enough for market understanding. Our comparative analysis methodology equips our clients with more accurate vision and allows more advanced planning, better performance and guaranteed results.

We analyze the competitive landscapes for a company, brand and product strategies to communications and performance benchmarking, in thousands of distribution channels and markets. But comparative market analysis is even more than the sequence of all these steps.

The magic happens when we pull them all together. Trend analysts, category specialists, systems developers, dedicated account teams and client servicing staff work together to provide our clients with understanding as well as knowledge. That means they don’t just know what’s happening now, they understand what’s coming next and how they need to react to keep their businesses growing.



KINNETIQO  is a digital marketing agency providing a full package of innovative online marketing services to its customers. Our premium level services in digital marketing cover all starting from research and case studies, strategy planning for customers’ digital marketing, finishing with SEO strategy development and customised web-advertisement tools.



KINNETIQO  has a completely new and highly effective online marketing services package including its innovative and complex web-marketing tools. As the exceptional digital market intelligence company, our analysis of consumers, dynamic and ever changing markets, innovative products and competitive environment delivers its best to its global and local clientele. Our predictive analytics and expert recommendations have enabled our dedicated clients to make much business decisions much faster and bring their businesses to a completely new levels.




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